HP Designjet 500 Driver Download, Printer Review

HP Designjet 500 Driver Download, Printer Review - the ink does fade in the event the prints are exterior, thats why we include our Z2100. Our five-hundred works perfectly with the DJ4500 Scanner. Being constructed in 2000, this printing device had only went straight down once, it needed a set of inking lines and a belt.

Preparing the 500PS entails a bit more than uncrating the printer, plugging it in, and installing the tattoo cartridges and print mind, which easily snap in to place. Separate ink ink cartridges are employed for every color (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black); the 500PS uses changeable print heads. One dark-colored cartridge lasts through regarding 15 D-sized (32. several by 21. 6 inches) full-color prints without light space; each color cartridges produces about 30 D-sized prints. Print heads previous through about 150 D-sized prints.

The 500PS uses a straight-through paper route: paper is definitely crammed from the back of the printer. After examining paper alignment, the 500PS automatically trims the entry to ensure a rectangular edge. Loading generally is convenient. However, as the paper is usually rolled with its good side up, glossy newspaper is exposed to possibly damaging oil from hands -- therefore, caution need to be used. A built/in cutter is included, an alternative that is activated through the driver.

In the stock configuration, the 500PS provides USB and similar port connections. Though it is USB port is completely Plug and Play, in the event you need a networkable inkjet printer, you'll have to dedicate an extra $330 pertaining to HP's JetDirect Ethernet greeting card.

The HP DesignJet 500PS large-format printer makes full-color 24-inch-wide prints applying sheets or rolls of a number of papers ranging via matte to glossy to artist stretch canvas up to 150 feet lengthy. HP's software RIP puts easily on any Mac pc running OS 8. 6th or later, and this is much improved above HP software of a few years ago. The 500PS ships with a chooser-accessible driver -- total with options for picking media type, color supervision, and print size. Additionally, it comes with ICC profiles, ColorSync profiles, and is fully Pantone accredited. Profile setup is conveniently accessed from the printer's print dialog box.

Nevertheless , printing is not mainly because simple as just striking the print button. All of us found it necessary to raise the memory scale the RIP before we're ready to print a D-sized QuarkXPress document. The TEAR reported this trouble while a simple PostScript mistake -- it wasn't till we dug through the RIP's print log that the memory problem was discovered. Needless to claim, HP's software could employ improved handling of mistakes.

The 500PS is actually a pretty speedy printer, nonetheless it does not break any records. Since your Mac can be used while the RIP, RIP period is dependent on the speed of the computer system, and during printing, the computer's performance will always be slowed. On our 500MHz G4, we were capable to RIP a 34MB Photoshop file in only below three minutes. Printing was complete in nine moments, with an additional five-and-a half-minute drying time. Following drying, prints were without smearing and tackiness.

Photography prints showed good fine detail and minimal artifacting. The sole major drawbacks: following many attempts, we may not get deeply over loaded reds and oranges to print; black shadowy areas printed out dark dreary at best. At you, 200 by 600 dots per inch, the 500PS produced little text with a great deal of jagged edges.

If perhaps you've been buying a large-format color printer for delivering big line art this sort of as presentation graphics or perhaps giant pie charts, the 500PS is a sound choice. Plus, in the same package, you get a decent printer intended for color photograph output. Nevertheless , if your objective can be to print deep, abundant colors and dark, inky blacks, you'll be looking to consider a several printer.

HP Designjet 500 Driver Download, Printer Review free

HP Designjet 500 Driver Download, Printer Review

This specific driver for this system:
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

HP Designjet 500 Driver Download, Printer Review

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